5 Most Effective SEO Methods

Off-page optimization or Link Building is one of the most important SEO challenges every website owner has to face. You can do whatever changes you wish to make on your website: changing structure, playing with keyword density and so on and optimize your content in different ways, but when you wish to make other people do something on their site for you, it's a different story.

The important question is "how to get links to my website?' well there are 5 effective ways to build links to your website in order to boost your link popularity and get you better search engine optimization rankings.

1. Article Submission

Write unique articles on a topic relevant to your website and submit them to the biggest article directories like ezinearticles, articlebiz, etc. There are lots of them on the Internet and most of them allow you to put 1 to 4 links to your website either in the body of the article or in the resource box or both.

The link value you get from article submission is not very big, but the upside is that you shape the content yourself; therefore the link will come from a topically relevant page. As an extra bonus you get some traffic from the article and if it's good enough it will be republished on more websites and blogs.

2. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is another link-building technique that has become quite popular these days. Search the web for authoritative blogs in your niche that allow do-follow commenting and share your mind there. Make sure you read the post before commenting and try to make a point with your comment; don't just go on spamming blogs with links to your website, or you'll just get your comments deleted and end up with no links and a spoiled reputation.

3. Social Media

Social media websites can provide tons of valuable links if you manage to bring your SEO to the top. But you'll need all your creative power to do that and maybe a bit more. Since social media sites are seeing more and more spammy content submitted to them by marketers of all sorts and fashions, running a successful social media campaign gets harder every day.

4. Submission of Press Release

Write a press release about your company or product and submit it to PRWeb and similar resources. Take the time to make your press-release newsworthy and the chances that it will get syndicated increase depending on how good you manage to make it.

 5. Directories Submission

There are a lot of directories on the internet where you can submit your website. Although links from them won't give you any drastic jump ups in the rankings, they are still worth submitting to, especially if you have a young website. Make sure you submit your URL into a relevant category. These link building techniques will get you quality and relevant links that will add good value to your website's search engine rankings. To get the best results in SEO with your link building always keep track of the links you get and evaluate your off-page optimization campaign. The most efficient way to do it is to use special tools for link building.