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Revealed At Last, A Simple Step By Step System To Dominate Google In 4 Weeks Or Less

Warning: Don’t even think of creating link wheels, submitting articles, building web 2.0 networks, social bookmarking, blasting links or any other latest SEOfads you have been taught until you read my story below.

I know that you are spending countless hours on the computer downloading and reading SEO courses and reports, browsing SEO forums, spending money on SEO and keyword research software.

...But still you can’t pick a winning keyword, even if you have picked 10 keywords, you don’t know which one to go after.

Every book and reports preaches to get high quality links, but you don’t know exactly how to get them.

You created link wheels, forum profile links, did article spinning, submission, social bookmarking..... spend hours building these links......

No matter how hard you try, you can’t get the rankings you deserve...

How do I know all these...

Simple, I was in your shoes two years ago...

I started marketing online two years ago, since starting with $0 investment, I went to play the SEO game, because it didn’t need much investment like in PPC or other paid advertisements and all you need is time and I had plenty of time to spend that time.

I bought several SEO courses, spend hours learning them, hours watching videos......

.....then started applying what I learned.

I started creating websites, providing valuable content, building as many links I can....

...what more, did all the so called “secret techniques” that were taught in the courses.

But still...I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.

Not to mention, none of my sites saw the first page of Google!

And what was the exact reason?

There were many, starting from not able to find the right keywords to not getting the most powerful links!
And these were not the only ones.

I was too confused with many so called SEO strategies which were either too complex or needed costly software to do the process.

All I needed was a simple strategy that I can easily follow again and again to rank my websites. I started researching and experimenting to find one like that. It wasn’t that easy.

I spend several months learning and implementing many techniques and even tested some of my own techniques which I found on the way.

At last, I was able to “Crack the Code”! 

After spending several months testing, finally I found a simple strategy to rank on Google and other search engines within weeks.

After implementing those strategies I was able to take all my websites to the first page of Google. From there onwards, this is the only strategy I use to rank websites till date.

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Kevin and Jevin have provided in Rank Hitter a step by step method that, when followed, will provide success with the big G.

It is a course that is provided, as Ron has already noted, in a series of pdfs. There are many screen shots and it is easy to follow.

This has been written after the latest Google updates that have caused so much stress for so many. The methods here should stand the test of time.

No, it's not push button; it will take some elbow grease. And, that's usually a sign of one the better methods. If you are not afraid to roll up your sleeves and go to work (and by that I mean clicking your mouse and using your brain,) check this one out and then take action. You'll be glad you did.
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I was lucky enough to get a review copy. This WSO is perfect internet marketing guide. It gives you basic knowledge from the basics to advance link building. This is perfect for newbies and expert marketers can also get new things to know. I recommend this WSO.

Kevin best of luck for your WSO.

Best Regards,
Gujju Boy
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I'm anxious to learn how long these sites stick to the top of search engines. These methods are very interesting! I think the .edu and .gov backlinks are worth the price of this WSO alone!
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Sometimes I buy a WSO product only to find I already know most of the information descirbed and it's very disappointing. This one was not disappointing - in fact the opposite - as it goes through every stage necessary get a site ranking high on Google. It contains a ton of relavant information in 4 pdfs (4 modules). I am looking forward to implementing these methods.
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When you consider the strong and very useful value of the information that can put your website on page-1 … The price of this WSO is very reasonable.

All the best … Ron
What exactly I did to get faster rankings?

Well it was all accomplished with just 2 simple processes.

1. Right keyword research or finding the “golden keywords”.

Many people gets so confused with hundreds of keyword research techniques and tools. Whether to go after 50,000 or 30,000 or 20,000 results in phrase match, or should look for intitle, inurl or micro niches.

But just two keyword research principles changed my SEO game completely, and will definitely change yours too, they are:

a) Buyer Keyword
b) Strength of the Competing Websites

Buyer Keyword

Why we want to rank a website higher in search engines?

To get traffic that will convert into leads or sales which make us money.

Many people forget this simple principle. All they do is, find a keyword. See how many competing pages are there, intitle, inurl or whatever it is, then starts building links to rank that website or page.

But they forget one critical thing. Whether this keyword is worth the efforts. Will it converts if I rank in the number one spot for that keyword. Answer this question before chasing a keyword.

So the bottom line is, go after the keywords that converts.

Strength of Competing Websites

Stop determining a keyword based on the number of competing pages, yes it includes “phrase match”, intitle, inurl and all those kind of stuffs.

If you are still using these principles, then you are leaving thousands of potential keywords on the table.

The number of competing pages has nowadays increased at a tremendous rate due to these scraper sites, link wheels, mass article and web 2.0 submissions and all.

So a much better and accurate method is to analyze the top 10 ranking websites.

I totally stopped looking at the number of competing pages and started analyzing the strength of the top ranking websites.

And the results were amazing!

I found hundreds of golden keywords that I previously thought were difficult to rank based on the number of competing pages, and those competing pages were low quality sites and auto blogs.

So your goal is to look at the top 10 or the top 5 ranking sites and analyze their backlinks, the quality of their backlinks, page rank, domain age, how well they are optimized for a keyword.

That’s the right way to do keyword research and if you do, you’ll pick up thousands of golden keywords which once you thought were impossible to rank.

So the point is, even if there are 300,000 competing pages in phrase match it doesn’t mean they are all strong competitors.

And if there are only 100 competing pages, it doesn’t means the competition is weak, the competitors may be much stronger than you think and it will be a waste of time going after those keywords.

2. Heavy Hitter Backlinks

. There is a right way and a wrong way to build backlinks. But unfortunately most people do link building in the wrong way and that’s why they are not getting the results they wanted.

For example, let’s say you are building links with forums.

First you go to a forum. Create a fake account. Leave your backlinks on the profile page. Then you move on to another forum and repeat the process over and over again.

What happens next...?

A moderator will soon find it and deletes your account and profile page. You wasted your time!

And here’s how to do the same in the right way-

Find a high PR forum, sign up, complete the profile information and leave your links there. Then start posting valuable contents on the forum with your link as the signature.

Next comes the fun part. Find the highest page rank pages in the forums like these and leave valuable posts with your links in the signature.

You can find these types of pages in minutes with the codes and plugins that we are about to show you in the course. 

The benefit of this strategy is that, you are getting the most powerful links and not just a profile backlink. And most importantly, your account and backlinks will stay on that forum.

. Get links from actual high page rank pages, not just from the inner pages of high pr domains. This gives the most link juice and forces Google and other search engines to give you higher rankings.

Again, you can easily find these type of pages with the free codes and plugins we are about to show you in the course.

. No-Follow is a joke – Don’t get too obsessed with no-follow and do-follow. Our tests have proven many times that Google still counts no-follow links.

If you are ignoring no-follow and only building do-follow links, then you are just leaving a lot of powerful backlinks and making your link profile looks unnatural.

. Further boost the rankings with the most powerful .Edu and .Gov links. The value of .edu and .gov links may be debatable, but whenever you get a handful of these links, your rankings increase.

This is because Google gives much higher value to .gov and .edu websites.

To make the ranking process much easier and faster, you need to go after the most powerful .edu and .gov links or the ones that have the highest page rank like these.

You need to go after these kind of high PR or “heavy hitter” backlinks.

This is just an example and you will be learn how to find hundreds of these links within minutes inside our course.

These are some of our techniques to get into Google’s first page within weeks.

Need proof?

How about a Real Example?

Here's a case study we did for the keyword bodybuilding workout routines. This is not my money site nor I have put much efforts into this. Just built a simple site, spend an hour or two building a few backlinks. Then I leave this site as it is.

After 2 weeks it’s ranking No.5 in Google with only a few “heavy hitter” backlinks and not any further promotions done so far. It’s still ranking in the first page...

...even after the latest Google Farmer/Panda updates.

The sites ranking above are the highest quality authority sites in the fitness niche and with a few more efforts, I can outrank them.

But I put this site up as a case study to show how powerful these strategies are. I only build a few “heavy hitter” backlinks to this site in an hour or two and that’s all.

It still ranking high without any further promotions, even after the latest Google Panda updates.

This proves how powerful these strategies are...

To make the process simple for you, we have put together a step-by-step training program “Rank Hitter”, where we reveal all our strategies to take a website from nowhere to the first page of Google in weeks.

In Rank Hitter you will learn

And It's Just A Beginning...

What after the latest Google Panda updates? Do I need sites with lots of content to rank higher?

Well, if you think so..Let me show you a real world example.

Go to Google and search for ps3 lights fix. Take a look at the number one ranking website.

Note: This is NOT my website, I found it while doing my research. 

If content was the only thing to Google, then this site will not be ranking there!

At this age of "Information Overload", it is very rare to find a simple step by step guide like this.

These techniques can be used by anyone. No matter what your experience is.

Don’t waste another second of your valuable time on useless, out of date information.

We are not any SEO guys or experts, we are one among you...and if we can do it....you too can do it.

So how much is it going to cost you or how much I am charging you for 2 yrs of intense research, testing and experiments….or how much you are willing to pay if you outsource a team for two yrs to find the best SEOtechniques to rank a websites super quick.

Even if you are only paying $1 and hours working only 5 hours a day…then also it cost you at least $3650 with no guarantee that you ever get what you wanted!

But we are not going to charge you $3650….

not even $197…not even $97…

you will get the entire package for a one time payment of just $27.

Consider it as an investment to your long term success.

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However if for any reason you decide this is not right for you, just send me an email and I will refund your full money - no questions asked.

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2. Hit the close button or back button and search for a non-existent magic pill and waste years (like we did).

 Still skeptical? I completely understand. You probably don’t know me, and you are not sure if this is what you are looking for.

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In this report you will learn our simple techniques to survive Google’s latest panda update. No it has nothing to do with backlinks or writing long articles

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